glib glob glab

holy mother of god, I’m exhausted.

I’ve got a deadline that I’ve got to meet tomorrow. I’m finally at the digital stage of the process, so after a couple hours of sleep I’ll be able to wrap that up. For now, it’s a little update and then to catch that teensy bit of rest.

I’m super proud of my first forays into watercolors. The results have been really satisfying.

Here’s a peek, followed by some recent doodles.

Mia Doi Todd has helped me make my way deep into the night with my comics and my recent illustration gigs. Her lyrics have an unparalleled resonance for me. The delivery of the following lines in the song Independence Day always guts me.

There's a man I just met
He hasn't kissed me yet
He reminds me of someone else, only better
But I'm made out of wax, so easy to impress
Am I melting too fast, dripping into your lips ?
Because all my heroes have turned human this year

She’s a truly amazing song writer.