Announcing: The Little Book Fair!


Have you heard about The Little Book Fair?  It’s an exciting event that’ll be happening here in Pittsburgh in August that I’m involved in organizing!

The Little Book Fair
will be a one-day celebration of the vibrant small-press and self-publishing community in Pittsburgh. The Little Book Fair is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small publishers, bookstores and readers.

It will occur Friday, August 2 from 6-10 PM at 113 North Pacific Avenue during the Unblurred Gallery Crawl in Pittsburgh.

If you’re interested in learning more about the event, hop on over to the Little Book Fair’s website.

If you’re interested in tabling, Click here!


Comics Club Camp – This August!

color_ccc_flyer_version 2Hey Pittsburghers!

Know some kids who want to make comics?

Here’s their chance to learn how to co-mix with other kids!

I’ll be teaching a weeklong camp where we’ll be going through the entire comics process from idea generation to publication. We’ll talk tools, techniques, and how to put all those great ideas together to make some real funny books!

That’s 6 hours chocabloc with writing, drawing and reading everyday for 5 days.

Kirby, Schulz, Barks.
Astro Boy, Tintin, Nancy.

We’ll cover all the bases!

For more information call 773-425-1531 or contact

To register, hop on over to

Occupy Gezi – this is nuts – here are some resources

I normally don’t post non-comics related things, but this is important.

A helpful note my American friend shared. Her friend Hannah, who’s currently living in Istanbul wrote this:

Dear friends from afar,
Most of you have probably gotten wind of what’s going on in Turkey due to the explosion of international media coverage of the events of the past few days. For those of you who want to learn more and may not know where to start, I’ve consolidated a list of recommended readings/viewings, which you can find below. It’s so important that the international community stay informed about what’s happening in Turkey so we can find creative and effective ways to demonstrate our solidarity for the protesters here from near and far!
In love and solidarity,

-a very basic, helpful timeline with visual aids:

– Mashallah News has been keeping a really awesome liveblog of the Gezi Park Occupation here: You can also find lots of other helpful links (background information, context etc.) on this site.
-Mashallah News has also compiled a list of people tweeting in (mostly) English about what’s going on here in Turkey (mostly Istanbul) here:
-You can follow Mashallah News here on facebook ( or on twitter ( Can you tell I’m into them? I’m really into them.
-Follow the hashtags #direngeziparki, #occupygezi, and #occupytaksim on twitter (probably Instagram too)
-More facebook pages to check out: Ötekilerin Postası (, Occupy Istanbul (, and Diren Gezi Parkı (
-Want to know WHAT’S HAPPENING IN ISTANBUL? go to That’s not so complicated.

-Nar Photos is doing an UNBELIEVABLE job of collecting and disseminating images from the demonstrations in Istanbul.
-The #occupygezi tumblr is amazing:


-Put pressure on Turkish media, which has been doing an AWFUL job of covering the recent events, by petitioning CNN International to pull it’s name franchise from CNN Turk:
-For the amerikanski folks: I signed this White House petition…don’t really know how much it’ll help but it doesn’t hurt to try:
-Keep your eyes peeled for other online petitions (there are more)
-Call/email the Turkish embassy in your country to tell them how you feel about what’s happening here, how it might affect your decisions to travel to Turkey etc… Contact info here:
-Reach out to the media:
-Post articles, images, videos, feelings etc. about what’s happening in Turkey to your facebook walls etc.


Photos from the Carlboygenius tumblr.

Picture 2 Picture 1 Picture 3

Support my friend + Updates

My friend, Rachel Dukes, is running an Indie Go Go Campaign to reprint some old work along with some brand spanking new comics. If you’re a fan of Coffee, Cats or Comics you’ll definitely want to check out her work. She’s got a spritely line that sits on the page like a familiar friend. She warrants paying attention to.

Have a gander at Coffee Cats to see if her work tickles your fancy. If it does, why not help financially support her comics making endeavors?
00010203040506You can find more of her work on her site, Mixtape Comics.

Speaking to my own work, below you’ll find a selection of a couple of my favorite illustrations that I did for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Pocket Guide For Upper Valley Teens.

The goal was to revamp The Pocket Guide for Upper Valley Teens, a resource Put together by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and distributed at all area middle and high schools, reaching VT and NH teens, parents, and schools. I did 36 simple water color drawings  included for the pocket-sized paper guide (and the accompanying website). I was brought along to complement the text and add color, interest, along with a youthful vibe to the new Pocket Guide. (The art had previously been clip art and stock photography.)pocket guide highlights

Gearing up for BCGF

The eagerness of the sun to set nowadays is really hitting me hard. Given that the early dusk causes me to naturally feel down and generally drowsy, I’m fighting pretty hard to stay productive and on top of things. Slowly but surely things are getting done.

Just on the horizon, fueling my cartooning fires, is the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. Tomorrow I’ll be putting these copies of On They Bicker Together so as to have something to hand out and trade with the nice folks that I come across. Being as particular as I am about my comics, I’m actually thinking of re-lettering the comic on velum on a rainy day, but that’s for another post.

There are so many folks on the exhibitors list that I’ve never heard of, but given that they’re in the company of Jordan Crane, Hellen Jo, Jon Vermilyea, Jen Tong and Jon Pham, I can’t express how excited I am to be in their company. I’ll be sure to document my experience there to share with you.

There are going to be panels galore and unlike SPX, I won’t have to miss a single one of them.

I’m also stoked to see what dw has been up to. dw does some truly rad cartooning. Cogent psychedoolia that is a visceral energy laden feast for the eyes. He has a book entitled, Abzernad, coming out through Hic & Hoc Publications. I caught glances of the last few pages that he was working on for the book this summer and boy are they juicy!

To accompany the panels, and gallery openings and meet-n-greets in shops and bars, there’re are going to be screenings of some truly awesome material.

Cartoonists Through the Lens: Sam Ball’s Portraits of Joann Sfar and Ben Katchor

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival and Union Docs proudly present a special screening of Sam Ball’s documentary profiles about cartoonists. Joann Sfar Draws from Memory (2012), a lush 56-minute profile of the French comics auteur, will be screened along with Ball’s 16-minute documentary profile of Ben Katchor, Pleasures of Urban Decay (2000). Screenings will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Ball and Katchor in person, moderated by Benjamen Walker (WFMU). Support for this event is generously provided by the Film, TV and New Media Department of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Selections from the 2012 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation
Curated by Lilli Carré and Alexander Stewart

Originating in Chicago, Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation focuses on abstract animation and unconventional character animation. Now in its third year, the festival showcases outstanding contemporary and classic experimental animation of all sorts, with films created by hand-drawn, computer, and stop-motion techniques. This 80 minute program of selections from the Eyeworks Festival has been specially curated for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival.

Besides all of the comics festivities that I’ll be engaging in, I’ll be visiting two close friends of mine who I met in France, Tim who lit the flame of comics appreciation in my little heart and Katherine who helped developed my a sensitivity towards aesthetics. Be still my beating heart, for we shall eat blueberry pancakes and Scoobydoos in plentitude.

This is going to be one hell of a weekend.

In other news, the following is the sound of my November nights in Vermont. Enjoy and be kind.

Santoro Waxing Some Poetic Layout Type Shit

Don’t have much to say today, so I thought I’d let Frank Santoro do the talking. He’s out doing a West Coast Layout Tour, which, by the looks of it, seems to be going really well for him.

Comics are THE ascendant artform. We are the ones who are making the most exciting art. We are dusting the competition because it is a real community of readers, writers and makers who care about the form – no one is in it for the money or glory. It’s a golden age and we all know it.

The talks have become less about the rules of making comics and more about comics language and the agreed usage of it in 2012. Take a look at any bookshelf of comics and there is every size and shape of book. It’s madness. Everyone is using different “time signatures” and none of us can agree what the unit of measure is. Is it the panel or is it the page? Or maybe the spread? But what about when you reconfigure a spread for a scrolling blog? Do you compose “reveals” differently for the blog?

This is moment in comics history that is so unique because of all the different entry points that exist to attract readers. Text and image – comics – is the internet. We are the masters of text and image. We rule the web.

And hell, if I haven’t been good enough to you, here’s some of that real scientific abstract type shit courtesy Mo Wax records.

Important PIX Has Moved!

The Pittsburgh Indy Comics expo has moved locations. The Expo will now be happening in the heart of the cultural hustle and bustle of Pittsburgh that will be happening on the weekend of the 8th of October.

So what will be happening?

Small Press Fair:

Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo (PIX) :

Pittsburgh Record Convention :

VIA Music Festival:

The amazing thing is that they’re all within walking distance of each other.

If there isn’t anything on the above list that doesn’t interest you and you live in Pittsburgh, then I wish I were as high brow an intellectual as you! If only I knew what quarterly periodicals you read!

Amazing people are doing amazing things for you, Pittsburgh. Put on your sunday best and greet this brave new world of culture.To Recap:

PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo
WHEN:  Saturday, October 8 & Sunday, October 9, 2011
from 10:00am to 5:00pm, both days
WHERE: The 5,000 square foot ground floor & loading bay of the Guardian Storage facility at 5873 Centre Ave. in East Liberty – right across the street from Whole Foods.

WHAT: Independently produced, creator owned, self published, small press and handmade comics from Pittsburgh and around the world

If you can’t contain yourself and need some stuff to gobble up to distract you from the interminable wait, check out :