Crinkled Dailies: Week 22

tumblr_mvq7w0Pj4Y1rc4waeo1_500 tumblr_mvq95ztcaX1rc4waeo1_500 tumblr_mvs69i6hIv1rc4waeo1_500 tumblr_mvtry3f6wU1rc4waeo1_500  tumblr_mvvpn4c30E1rc4waeo1_500tumblr_mvxft7YHc81rc4waeo1_500tumblr_mvyuunbEvC1rc4waeo1_500

3 Comments on “Crinkled Dailies: Week 22”

  1. Marek says:

    “SOMEDAY…” = Beautiful meditation on continuous mortal mindfulness! ~ M.

  2. Izzy says:

    Great posts. You have a talent for the full color ones- it shows that your daily practicing has developed into an ease of style

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