Writing for the Schulz Library Blog

I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently been writing for the Schulz Library on their blog! Feel free to check out what I’ve been writing.


Located in the historic Post Office building in White River Junction, the Schulz Library stands tall, amassing an incredible collection of contemporary graphic novels, out-of-print and rare collections of gag cartoons, classic newspaper strips, an extensive collection of books about cartooning – both academic and instructional and a one-of-a-kind collection of handmade publications! Thanks to generous donations from publishers, artists, and collectors the world over, the collection is abundant and unique.

Given that the Library is so packed with zines, graphic novels, cartoon collections, and related ephemera, the blog allows the Library to share its enthusiasm for the incredible collection. Whether it’s book reviews, descriptions of new arrivals, student essays, or just updates on the goings on of the Library, you’ll find it on the Schulz Library Blog.

I’d wanted to write for the blog since even before I started studying at the Center for Cartoon Studies, so it’s a real treat to be able to do so now! Most recently, I’ve been by writing posts that showcase the newest arrivals at the Library.

In addition to highlighting new arrivals to the collection on a weekly basis, I hope to write about the myriad of visiting artists that come through the school’s weekly Visiting Aritist Seminars, highlight the work of current students and write short essays that shine a light on the many comics gems that reside in the Library. If I have the time, I’ll even try to do some in depth reports on some of the many Small Press shows that occur in the United States!

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