2 thoughts on “Crinkled Dailies: Week 7”

  1. I love the red hot chili peppers reference in your comic, the one with the tiny devil. honestly though, I’m not sure I understand most of your work. maybe it’s just too obscure for me. it seems these days, everyone is trying so extra hard to be different, that they all end up the same. just some things to consider.

    1. glad you like it, Noodle! By the Way is always good fodder for art. John’s harmonies on the album always knock me out of my seat.

      I can see not getting some of these strips. They’re a little unconventional. (but suuuuuuuuuuper influenced by Pablo Holmberg’s comics

      When I make these comics I don’t aim to communicate something that I already have in mind. I don’t have any planned stories, I should say. Rather, when I make a strip I look to combine odds and ends to see how they fit together. By juxtaposing different elements together I can get panel layouts that feel right. It’s a weird kind of alchemy, I feel.

      For example I’ll take inspiration from a song lyric or something I overhear and try to figure out how I can let the cadence of that saying or expression find harmony within the four panel grid.

      Really though, these are daily exercises that often turn into meditations. As this trial in daily comics making has progressed I’ve been attempting more and more to make 4 panels that can stand on their own as a haiku-like sentences. The obscurity you are feeling might have to do with the fact that these comics are a weird kind of autobio comics!

      Anyway, if this kind of stuff isn’t your cup of tea, maybe my longer form work in the comics section of this site might catch your fancy!

      thanks for reading and commenting.

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