Massive Music to ink by

WRCT Pittsburgh, my radio alma mater, is putting together their annual Massive Music Weekend broadcast. The fine folks at 88.3 FM will be curating 120 30 minute blocks of the finest musical selections that they can get their greasy paws on.

I highly recommend tuning in online and live streaming  the broadcast this weekend at some point. It’s a great way to get an immersive dip into the many worlds of pioneering musicians. It’s a weekend like no other at WRCT that culminates in a live musical(see:noise) performance by the stations many volunteers.

AND as with all fine music, you’ve got to have your fine prints. The ladies at WRCT know what’s up.


The Nancy Gif Experience

A fellow CCS student and friend, Luke Healy, and I have started putting together a collection of Nancy gifs that channel our love for Bushmiller’s world. We’ve just started, but we hope to go far!

Here are some peeks at the animations that you can find at the Nancy Gif Experience.

tumblr_mi3hwvIjcx1s5zj6uo1_400 tumblr_mhzs7pWGXC1s5zj6uo1_250 tumblr_mi37uvUy3l1s5zj6uo1_r1_500

Are there any panels of Nancy that you think are begging to be animated? Let us know and we’ll get on it. Until then, may your days be filled with Nancy!

(Big ups to the folks behind the Nancy is Happy tumblr. It brings me delight to no end! )

Crinkled Dailies: Week 2

Last week, I wrapped up an intense project here at the Center for Cartoon Studies. I , along with 5 collaborators were to time travel back to 1966 and create a teen musical comedy that abided by the Comics Code and that would sell like hotcakes, knowing what we 21st century cartoonists knew about the medium.

I had the privilege of working under the invaluable editorial guidance of Steve Bissette with fellow students Simon Reinhardt, Eleri Harris, Ben Evans, Alexis Dexter and Aaron Shrewsbury. It was a doozy of a project, but everyday was a genuine pleasure to work with these folks. Here’s a peek at the cover that we came up with for this 32 page issue of the Nowsills!

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 1.02.13 AM
I’m really proud of the work that we all churned out.

Right now, I’m trying to ready the files so as to have something that I can send to an offset printer to genuinely print these bad boys in conjunction with my collaborators. Once that’s ready, I’ll certainly have something that will be easily readable online for your perusal, AND something physical for you to purchase.

Given the intensity of the above mentioned Silver Age assignement, you might see some of the stress slip into some panels.







14_Im-sorryLet me know what you think and if there’s anything that you’d like to see me tackle in the coming weeks dailies.

Noise to work through

I thought I’d share a pairing of experiences that I’ve recently enjoyed combining during late night drawing, particularly when silence doesn’t cut it.

My friend, Sal Farina, has coded some neat visual toys for Mac OS X. He’s a real lover of textures and patterns.

Of those bits of code he’s written, my favorite is acid static. Once you download and install the application, acid static runs full screen behind all of your applications and on top of your desktop. Here’s a screenshot of how it transforms your screen. It’s truly a beautiful bit of cellular automata. (The gif doesn’t do it justice, as I had to reduce it down to 5 frames…)


I combine Acid Static with Windy and Carl‘s 1997 recording Depths and I’m off to the races. I write daily comics, work out illustration compositions and in general doodle up a storm.

Here’s a recent bit of inks and watercolors:tubular-sketch

What kind of patterns (visual or auditory) get your mind reeling?

Crinkled Dailies: Week 1

Greetings from the Crinkled Corner.

If you haven’t heard, I’m doing daily comics. 4 panels every day. 

My jumping off point for much of these strips is channelling my love of Pablo Holmberg‘s Eden, Liniers’ Macanudos and Nicholas Gurewitch’s Perry Bible Fellowship. Who knows where they’ll go from there!

You can expect 7 comics posted here everyweek. If you want the convenience of daily updates and you’re a tumblr user, just follow me there. That’s where I initially share these. Hope some of these will make you smile.

1 - runasfast 2-hedgehog 3-if-n-oof 4-tling 5-crypto 6-chippendale 7-buzzbird