Time Parcel Service Production: Going Full Steam

I’ve finished all of the screen printing for the CCS anthology! Now to buckle down and finish the comics! 

Take a gander a the lovely little bellyband that we’ve made for the 11 minicomics. That’s right, it’s going to be a wearable communicator!

Photo on 12-5-12 at 12.03 AM #4

I’ve been experimenting with ink techniques on my story about the delivery of Sumi Ink to a poet and I feel that I’ve finally found something that works. Each page will have a landscape with an excerpt from the letter that the protagonist is writing. I’m healthily reverse engineering the landscape depictions from Kevin Huizenga’s Case 0003128-24, found in the collection put out by Drawn and Quarterly, Curses.

It’s a fun process trying to figure out how he made those pastiches of Asian landscapes. I want to add details with the medium Faber Castell pen’s while not trapping the grays in too much. Later I half-tone the sumi ink, which gives a nice uniformity and wispiness to the grays. Ideally, there’s a good deal of levity in the drawings. The trick here is to not overdraw them and to savour the drawing of individual lines slowly. The letter is pretty meditative, after all.

In the case of my Yves Klein, Claude Pascal, Armand Fernandez story, I’m working in the clear line style that I know how to rock with the Pilot Precision V7’s.  I’ll show you some process real soon, folks.

sumi test

doodles fernandez

In the music land, Blockhead keeps me pushing into the night when I really need to.

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