Hubert the Magician: A preview

As I promised on Monday, my magician story is complete. Unfortunately, I’m not letting you read Hubert the Magician just yet. Forgive me for being shy, but it’s not ready for your discerning eyes!

In spite of my shyness, I’ll let you take a peek at a couple of the panels from the comic. (oh yeah, forgot to mention: I ENDED UP PENCILING. LIKE A WEAKLING.)

Let me know if you’d like any of the original panels. I’ll happily send them your way if you live in the U.S. or Canada.

And if you’re not interested in those tiny panels hogging up space in your home, why not simply add a new jam to your sonic repertoire? Try out If U Got It by Chris Malinchak. It’s got that french touch that I can’t resist. Sure, there isn’t much to phone home about on this track, but I can’t help but keep this on loop.

Chris Malinchak – If U Got It by FRENCH EXPRESS

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