Gearing up for BCGF

The eagerness of the sun to set nowadays is really hitting me hard. Given that the early dusk causes me to naturally feel down and generally drowsy, I’m fighting pretty hard to stay productive and on top of things. Slowly but surely things are getting done.

Just on the horizon, fueling my cartooning fires, is the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. Tomorrow I’ll be putting these copies of On They Bicker Together so as to have something to hand out and trade with the nice folks that I come across. Being as particular as I am about my comics, I’m actually thinking of re-lettering the comic on velum on a rainy day, but that’s for another post.

There are so many folks on the exhibitors list that I’ve never heard of, but given that they’re in the company of Jordan Crane, Hellen Jo, Jon Vermilyea, Jen Tong and Jon Pham, I can’t express how excited I am to be in their company. I’ll be sure to document my experience there to share with you.

There are going to be panels galore and unlike SPX, I won’t have to miss a single one of them.

I’m also stoked to see what dw has been up to. dw does some truly rad cartooning. Cogent psychedoolia that is a visceral energy laden feast for the eyes. He has a book entitled, Abzernad, coming out through Hic & Hoc Publications. I caught glances of the last few pages that he was working on for the book this summer and boy are they juicy!

To accompany the panels, and gallery openings and meet-n-greets in shops and bars, there’re are going to be screenings of some truly awesome material.

Cartoonists Through the Lens: Sam Ball’s Portraits of Joann Sfar and Ben Katchor

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival and Union Docs proudly present a special screening of Sam Ball’s documentary profiles about cartoonists. Joann Sfar Draws from Memory (2012), a lush 56-minute profile of the French comics auteur, will be screened along with Ball’s 16-minute documentary profile of Ben Katchor, Pleasures of Urban Decay (2000). Screenings will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Ball and Katchor in person, moderated by Benjamen Walker (WFMU). Support for this event is generously provided by the Film, TV and New Media Department of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Selections from the 2012 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation
Curated by Lilli Carré and Alexander Stewart

Originating in Chicago, Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation focuses on abstract animation and unconventional character animation. Now in its third year, the festival showcases outstanding contemporary and classic experimental animation of all sorts, with films created by hand-drawn, computer, and stop-motion techniques. This 80 minute program of selections from the Eyeworks Festival has been specially curated for the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival.

Besides all of the comics festivities that I’ll be engaging in, I’ll be visiting two close friends of mine who I met in France, Tim who lit the flame of comics appreciation in my little heart and Katherine who helped developed my a sensitivity towards aesthetics. Be still my beating heart, for we shall eat blueberry pancakes and Scoobydoos in plentitude.

This is going to be one hell of a weekend.

In other news, the following is the sound of my November nights in Vermont. Enjoy and be kind.

1 thought on “Gearing up for BCGF”

  1. Screenprints have a really nice look to them. I like howbyou use music at e end to convey the sound of your nights, crazy as it sounds I honestly never thought of music as a way of creating a shared experience. I love r psychedelic comic, juicy is a great word for it, but I dont understand it -am I supposed to? Its great to look at old sketchbooks isnt it? Only once in a blue moon though. im glad youre filling the up, wat type if sketchbook do you use? I loooooooooooooooove the experimental animation snippets, is there anywhere I can find more? Theres something so unique and exploratiry about animation that cannot be done in aany other medium, its too bad its ot more immediate though, as I love being able to create instantaneously. Thats so cool youll be seein tim and katherine, and in nyc! Soooo jealous, youll have a blast! Cant wait to see how it goes on here, i’ll give you a call once i see a post on here and mnow youre back, id love to hear about it.

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