Monoprint Comics Round 1

Here’s a little experiment for Jason Lutes’ Cartooning Studio. The goal is to evoke an intense emotional experience. Can you guess what I’m attempting to depict?

I’ve wanted to make a comic using monoprinting as a key component for a while. As you can see, I gave it a go. Given that for this assignment we didn’t have to prepare 14 pages, I thought that it’d be a do-able task. Additionally, as you’ve seen me post adamantly about abstract comics, I thought I ought to put my money where my mouth was and give them a good go.

I made some patterns, experimented with layering and then worked these images in Photoshop to crop and layout in InDesign. Nothing too fancy. Given the fact that I was using the computer I felt like I was cheating quite a bi, but hey, I’ve got deadlines. I hope that in the coming months I can make a complete page entirely through monoprinting. The hardest part is going to be keeping the gutters tidy, given how grubby my hands get while working with the oils and solvents. Perhaps I’ll cut some tiny copper plates…

In other news, here’s a cute little cartoon I made by chopping and screwing some other monoprints that I made. I might use him as an avatar for something, given his 8bit feel and his seemingly cheery disposition.

Some work that really inspires me is that of Brecht Evens. The man has some truly expressive cartooning and a breathtaking control of color in his art. To think that Antwerp gets an entire mural of his art! (here’s some recent documentation of the mural and the creation process that Art Mural oversaw).

2 thoughts on “Monoprint Comics Round 1”

  1. Wow the prints really tell a story Juan! Im looooovng the abstract comic thing. Ill delve back in your blog to find more 🙂 This is how i read it, may nit be wat you intended but it is abstract isnt it? 🙂 either a story of love found and lost,or an orgasm..First intense happiness, then patches of ecstasy or enlighten,net or illumination, soon intermingledwith patches of dark emotion. In the end only a duller version of the original emotion, with e dark thoughts that creep when we let our guard down/are heartbroken. Let me know wat you were going for, i always like to compare notes w the artist

  2. You’re explanation is pretty spot on. I’m really happy with the fact that when I tell people that it’s autobiographical, they come up with pretty much the same story.

    I was exploring the collapse of one of my relationships. Through the composition of the page, I figured out what I was trying to say. That is to say, the look and structure of this comic wasn’t in my mind in its complete form before I started. That made the creation process really interesting.

    A funny thing that someone pointed out is that when you look at the fleshy pinks and the sorrowful blacks and greys they are in a 2:1 ratio. 3 blocks versus 6 of uninterrupted color. That happened to be the same ratio as the amount of time that people say one spends healing from a relationship versus the amount of time the relationship itself.

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