Rad Pittsburgh dudes at a rad Pittsburgh shop

Julie Sokolow put together a great little documentary of Jim Rugg, Jasen Lex, Tom Scioli and Ed Piskor’s trip to Pittsburgh’s New Dimension Comics.

It’s well worth your time to listen to these dudes geek out over back issues.

Oh and if you haven’t already checked out Jim and Jasen’s podcast, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, head on over to their site and check out the chit chat’s they’ve had with artists over the past couple of months. The subject matter covers quite a broad scope, so there’s sure something of use to you!

my 1st CCS anthology

Right before SPX 2012, a couple of us in the first year class at CCS decided to make an anthology.

You can check it out below in the photo I took before I handed them all out to folks at SPX. Each of the students involved created a two page comic relating to  the theme of Summer. The style and content had a really satisfying range. Nostalgia, humor, introspection, abstraction were all present. I’m proud that my fellow classmates and I are off to a strong start.

Speaking of SPX I have to say right now that I was truly blessed to see all you, my cartooning friends from Pittsburgh at the expo. To know that there were over 2 dozen representatives of the Pittsburgh self-publishing scene was really inspiring. If it weren’t for most of those folks I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’ll certainly be posting a more in depth look at the highlights from SPX, but for now, I’m off to draw gags for Jason Lutes.

VIA 2012: Pittsburgh’s Freshest Fest

VIA 2012 is coming up on the horizon! A festival that’s just as much a tech and culture laboratory, VIA’s bringing talented folks from around the world to do what they do best for a whole week. From workshops, performances, interactive art, dance free-for-alls, VIA has been the root of some of my greatest experiences in Pittsburgh.

Are you up to date with all the different gals and guys that are going to be present? Educate yerrself by checking out the music guide that VIA’s put together.

Leisurely Oozin’

The following is a 2 page contribution to a spontaneous little comics anthology that several students at the Center for Cartoon Studies decided to undertake before classes started. The theme for the issue was Summer. This was my take on it. I’ll have some photos of the finished work, seeing as how it’s in the process of being laid out as I type…

I post this in honor of Dylan Williams. No preciousness, no holding back, just comics.