Support American Political Cartooning

The Toonseum, Pittsburgh’s non-profit cartoon art museum has a new project that you folks might fancy.

The Toonseum and Rob Rogers, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Editorial Cartoonist, are looking to make a documentary that takes a look behind the curtain of political cartooning in America’s current presidential race. The documentary hopes to send Rogers to cover the juicy details of the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Journalism as we know it is changing dramatically. Newspapers are struggling to stay alive. Editorial cartoonists have suffered along with them, sometimes being the first to be let go when a company downsizes. I hope this mini-documentary, aside from giving a humorus look behind the curtain of our political process, will help show how cartooning and newspaper journalism are still an important part of our collective dialogue.

– Rob Rogers

 Check out the Indiegogo campaign here and support this rad little project, if you can.

At the time of this posting, they’re already halfway there, which means that your contributions can help bring in the funding of this project into the homestretch.


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