Copacetic’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration

When’s the last time you stopped by Pittsburgh’s Copacetic Comics? Has it been too long? Well, this weekend might be the weekend to change that. For two days you can celebrate by emptying your wallet and filling your backpacks and handbags with comics and artbooks galore at the 2nd Anniversary Celebreation of Copacetic’s location in Polish Hill. There’ll be sale prices on the raddest of the rad, so it’s certainly not something to miss out on.

If you’ve never been to Copacetic and you’re a comics fan within a reasonable distance from Pittsburgh, you should consider a weekend trip and check out the Stephan Pastis talk and exhibit opening at the Toonseum.

And if you’ve never bought a comic, here’s your chance! Start with the best for unimaginably cheap prices!

Who knows you might meet that special someone… Just imagine it: Both of you reaching for that fancy Fantagraphics collection of Alex Toth at the same time. Obviously it’s destiny, so you better decide the way you’ll spend the rest of your lives reading comics together over a coffee at Lili Coffee Shop below Copacetic…

There’ll be specials on back issues, odds and ends, giveaways and promotional premiums to no end.

While you’re there, why not take a dip into one of the best stocks of minicomics in the United States? That’s why you’re there right? Of course, then there’s the re-issues of the Incal and Dan Zettwoch’s new release, Birdseye Bristoe that you’ll be ogling over. Check out the nitty gritty details on Copacetic’s page.

Obviously, I’ll be there putting my dirty hands on everything in the shop. Sorry, Bill.


Oh and on an unrelated note, if you haven’t checked out James Stokoe’s Orc Stain and you like gritty, thrilling, gruesome and sensual adventures, you should get on that. It’s JUICY. 

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