Comics in Pittsburgh

‘ey y’all. The next coming posts are going to be juicy so hold on to your butts.

The following is happening next monday at Lili Coffee Shop in Polish Hill in Pittsburgh. Do stop by. I’ll be geekin’ out about all kinds of comics related things. I’ll have some recap/photos to share.

In the coming days I’ll be telling you about the fine folks that I’ve met at Carnegie Mellon. In its marble halls can be found some fine ass illustrators and cartoonists who take craft as seriously as concept, if not more(CMU has one the most concept oriented art programs in the US). Conceptual art is cool and all, but it’s all those fancy drawings that get me excited and keep me up to ungodly hours of the night.

Who’ll you be reading about you ask?

Caitlin Boyle
Tara Helfer

Christina Lee

Jesse England

Hank Ehrenfried

And then some.

Again, hold on to your butts.

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