The First ToonSeum MiniCon: April 2012

jazz and soul. my little nook.bustlingChris and AnnaA great turnoutPaulette Poullet: the only Puerto-Rican Cartoonist in Pittsburgh?Jared Catherine promotes his incrediman stories
Dave Wachter chats with RachelThe CMU crew. Andy Scott of AndromedaDSC_7443Scott HedlundDoodlin' the night away
Jeremy BaumThe reading cornerVirginia and Rachel talking shopMe cueing up some music from the WRCT archivesDan GreenwaldShawn Atkins and Nick Marino
Barry LinckNick MarinoJason, Natalie and JimDan repping the Cyberpunk ApocalypseTom Scioli in battle modeTomasz and Kate providing nourishment

The ToonSeum MiniCon 2012-04-06, a set on Flickr.

As promised, here are some photos from the event.

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