Santoro Waxing Some Poetic Layout Type Shit

Don’t have much to say today, so I thought I’d let Frank Santoro do the talking. He’s out doing a West Coast Layout Tour, which, by the looks of it, seems to be going really well for him.

Comics are THE ascendant artform. We are the ones who are making the most exciting art. We are dusting the competition because it is a real community of readers, writers and makers who care about the form – no one is in it for the money or glory. It’s a golden age and we all know it.

The talks have become less about the rules of making comics and more about comics language and the agreed usage of it in 2012. Take a look at any bookshelf of comics and there is every size and shape of book. It’s madness. Everyone is using different “time signatures” and none of us can agree what the unit of measure is. Is it the panel or is it the page? Or maybe the spread? But what about when you reconfigure a spread for a scrolling blog? Do you compose “reveals” differently for the blog?

This is moment in comics history that is so unique because of all the different entry points that exist to attract readers. Text and image – comics – is the internet. We are the masters of text and image. We rule the web.

And hell, if I haven’t been good enough to you, here’s some of that real scientific abstract type shit courtesy Mo Wax records.

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