Support Pittsburgh Cartoonists: Nate McDonough

Show the Pittsburgh cartooning scene some love and help  make Nate McDonough’s graphic novel Don’t Come Back a reality.

He’s done all the work, he just needs to print these bad boys. Of course, before he does so, he needs to know these comics will be going to good homes. Won’t you take one in as your own?

Read it.

and then

Support this rad dude.

Spot the differences…

Sketchbook Crush: Joe Lambert

Hey y’all,.

I thought I’d start off 2012 with a post about my sketchbook crush on Joe Lambert. He recently made a post showing all of his sketchbooks. 39 in total.

I have a great deal of respect for him and hope to create comics as nuanced as his. He’s got an amazing handle on cartooning and lettering. Similar to Dustin Harbin, but much, much looser in his explorations.

To see some of his work, visit his page.

Joe Lambert: poster design for JoyTeeth nib and india ink, brush pen, color in photoshop

Keep drawing, y’all!