Rage Comics and Image Macros

In the past 4 years, there has been a widespread development, across English speaking users to utilize the format of the Rage Comic. While often vapid, there are incredible comics done by users that use the structures of the comics and the expected payoffs in extraordinary ways.

I wanted to post to merely let all of you who follow the Crinkled Comics Blog that I’d be writing a little expository piece on these comics and the memetic propagation of highly developed visual grammatical constructions on the internet.

I’ll touch upon Image Macros and Rage Comics together given that the comics function as multipanel systems and the image macros function in ways similar to single panel gags.

It won’t get too fancy and I promise that I won’t ruin the fun of them by over analyzing. I just want to write my thoughts on them publicly.

You’ve been forewarned!

Take a peak at the hub of these comics’ creation.

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