Tired yet satisfied: PIX 2011 a success

As promised I survived last weekend. I’m swamped with work and I’m looking near and far for time to get everything done. All I know is that I’m not letting myself survive on caffeine. I crash way too hard. I’m dealing with so many people at the station and the Toonseum that being incapacitated by lack of sleep isn’t a valid option.

Regarding PIX:

I shared a table with the ever talented aspiring animator, Tara Helfer. I caught up with all of the great folks that I met at the Toonseum during 24Hour Comics, added a taste of my inky flavor to a jam comic with Nick Marino and Wayne Wise, and got to share some tastily prepared sweet and tangy chipped ham with everyone present. I sold out of “Balance” and plenty of copies “Old Conrad” made their way into PIX attendees hands.

Selling "Bü's Mansion"

All in all, I was successful in selling my wares,at the newborn PIX. We had great guests and a solid warm comradery all around. Some exhibitors seemed like they had a rough time with sales given the general slowness of the Expo. Luckily, I made a profit, but then again, the capital investment in my comics wasn’t too high. Just a bit of time and energy.

I even started up a strip and gag comic email list. The idea is to send emails to a select group of people via email. It’s a little different from a webcomic that promotes itself via RSS in that the update in your inbox is not clumped with the hundreds of other updates. Additionally, the comics are crafted specifically for the audience of the list.

If you’d like to be on this list, please send me a message: fernandez (dot) juan (dot) j (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Additionally, I picked up some original art from Wayno and Dave Wachter which I was elated by.

A real highlight for me was the panel that occurred on Sunday afternoon. Bill Boichel brought together Jason Little, Tom Scioli, John Porcellino, Jim Rugg and Ed Piskor. The panel focused on the nature of the importance of  local comics scenes and how to develop environments that foster them. Above all, the panel focused on networking.

The panelists and the audience

Given that this is my second year at PIX, I’m very happy to have a clear cut reference point to mark off my growth as a cartoonist. I had lots more to sell and knew far many more exhibitors and guests than the previous year.

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