CCS App comic scanned: Must be touched up a little more.

Everyday, a little more gets accomplished. The physical comic now exists digitally (Enjoy it at your leisure.) I learned my lesson from the previous Bü Kowski story and have made sure that the flow of pages makes sense on your computer monitors. In Pittsburgh I’ll be printing the comics, seeing as how the printer here in Cleveland isn’t the hottest on the block. Good enough to make a prototype, though. It will be printed on a soft sandy colored paper to further the agricultural theme.

For the moment being, the title page is a placeholder. I’m working on a cover and back cover the run more in line with the black and white contrast of the rest of the story. Additionally, the title is just going to be “Stori”.

Tomorrow, my dad is taking the day off from work and I’ll be taking my day off from comics to spend time with each other, so don’t expect too much from me, maybe just the final retouching of the strip in Photoshop, but I bet you won’t notice many of the differences.

What I’ll be working on concurrent with the printing in Pittsburgh will be on
-a short story told in pantomime entitled Polar Bear Protector. It’ll be my first work in color. The high hope would be for it to be silk screened with two colors, light blue and black.
-a Kama Sutra of my own made using accordion folds.
-fold style comic that overwhelms the reader with a suffocating grid that expands out to 11″x17″
-A collected anthology of my work in the last year including strips, sketches and one pagers. (This will be my Indesign boot camp)

Oh and if you know of any good online tutorials for Illustrator, shoot ’em my way. Until then, I’ll be watching assorted youtube videos, developing the most haphazard work practices possible.

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