Wiggling to show you that I’m back

I’m currently working on my application comic for the Center for Cartoon Studies. I’m chugging along at a good pace on the 26 page story. The plan is for it to be 4.25 x 5.5″ in black and white, stitched together. I’ve intentionally made it such that this story, although clearly a CCS application, will be just as readable to anyone who doesn’t know what the CCS is. That way I can trade and sell it at SPX, PIX and in Pittsburgh’s comics shops and have the readers of it both understand it and hell, possibly enjoy it.

You can rest assured that I’ll be posting up the beginnings of the story soon.

Besides that, I’m working on creating a little Juanthology, Crinkled and Smudged that contains one pagers, strips and illustrations that I’ve done in the past year, that way I have something organized and quite tangible to submit in my application.

In the works there is also a silent story called Polar Bear Protector. Heartfelt pantomime. That’ll start happening once inking begins on “Stori Time”.

Oh and Spain was spectacular, but you already knew that.

Anyway, wish me luck, motherfuckers. I’ve got 40 days to do all of this before the grind of school starts up again.

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