Poetry and big blotchy illustrations. Heavy on the Stuart Davis influence(via Bill Boichel)

Here’s a link to my most recent work: a poetry chap book. I’d written some poems, so I thought that I would put them together. Of course, to keep it as viscerally entertaining as anything else, and to make it a little more obtuse, I illustrated the work. Nothing spectacular, but it was a great exercise in using Adobe Indesign. I’d never used it, but thanks to youtube video tutorials, Adobe’s help online, patience and persistence, it was finished. I can now proudly say that If I need to print anything comics wise I don’t need to figure it out all on paper and then transfer it to Photoshop. As old fashioned as that might be, no one had taught me anything else. Hell, no one taught me how to paginate. So, as all things in the world of one, trial and error and then some happy accidents (like the portrait I did on the third page of my beloved Lena’s dear poodle, Einstein.)

After reading some of Bill Boichel’s posts on the Copacetic Comics Company site, I was very intrigued by the work and ideas of the modernist painter Stuart Davis. Anyway, check out the Daily Davis archive. It’s some mighty cool stuff if you like hand drawing. He also wrote an introductory essay on the Daily Davis if you’re interested in coming to these drawings in a non-visceral way. 

If you like image making of any sort, every nook and cranny of the public facing web is worth your time. The Daily Davis and Lynda Barry’s Picture This, have been a great help in getting my drawing to be completely unshackled. It’s great.  Over the past couple of months, by letting my hands just move on their own, and by simply watching them and allowing them to do whatever they please, I’ve learned a good bit about myself. It’s been very reaffirming to know that I have the subconscious ability to absorb and transform the images that are around me. This knowledge has been instrumental in making me more conscientious of the images and stories that I surround myself with. Osmosis and practice do actually work…

On to the present: Spain’s approaching and I’m finishing this project. Will I finish the boxes and the hardcover in time? Stay tuned…

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