Welcome To Crinkled Comics

Well, hello there.

It’s a genuine pleasure to have you over in my cozy little corner of the internet. I hope you made it here safely. This blog is dedicated to documenting my progress in comics. You’ll find sketches, process work, finished comics, interviews with artists and little updates about my life. I’m not a webcomics artist, so don’t expect regular postings of strips. At least, not here.

Currently I’m focusing all of my energies on applying to the Center for Cartoon Studies. That involves daily practice sketching, doodling, reading and inking. I’m trying to get to know more artists so as to have friends to talk to about these endeavors, so if you like what you see, do leave a message. I’d love to start corresponding with you. Hell, sometime we might even be able to meet up!

I’ll be sure to put together a post that contains all of the content that was being hosted on the blogspot that I was previously using so that your experience on this site is all the more pleasurable.

And now, to continue working on the pencils for my CCS application comic. Have a great one.

Enjoying Jason comics with my sister, Maria

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